full spectrum white led grow light bulb

15W LED Equivalent to 150W, energy saving, instant on, flicker free, near 5000k. I love that it comes in bright light so we can have it in any light fixture it fits in and matches the rest of our lighting in the house. I have some giant Boston Ferns and some prayer plants in my house that were struggling due to lack of sunlight. As described above each LED bulb has a specific wavelength, but none of them give a full white spectrum like the sun. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. One of the best grow light bulbs I’ve used. Ordered this product on a friend's recommendation. In reality, quality LED grow light manufacturers are moving away from traditional bands and developing the ability to provide the widest possible spectrum. Will update to 5 stars when it reaches/exceeds light life. Love this grow light! The light is super bright and i have it connected to a 12 hour timer. Customer support made everything right. They definitely received a loyal customer. This mix of blue and red is appropriate for growing leafy … Amazing customer service and attention. But I have already emailed customer support with a question and got a response the next morning. I can still see my plants at night without straining my eyes under the purple light that other grow lights have. If you look them up you are sure to find a discount code, do it. I have noticed my plants growing well and looking healthy with this product. WE LOVE PLANTS - just like you, we're plant parents. Full Spectrum led grow lights as a term is only as good as the manufacturer claiming it. Use this light … Brought it in the house because of outside temperature dropped and had to keep it in the basement because of the size. There are no certification or standard requirements to call your LED grow light full spectrum. So far so good with these! It is of high quality and very economical. I've purchased a few grow bulbs over the years and I will continue to stick with this one for future purchases. Currently we are growing a bay leaf tree with it! Works great, low cost, easy on the eyes. I have a very large philodendron hope selloum (about 7ft tall) that was given to me late summer 2019. This advanced optical structure ensures more uniform light distribution and more proper spectrum proportion---just like natural white … Fits into any standard size light bulb socket, and for the added bonus, it doesn't cause my electric bill to increase! Will have to wait and see if this light will last. Since the lights are full spectrum lights, they could not be used with her there for 24/7.So disappointed that this didn't work out for her. THE ONLY CHOICE - try our led grow light bulb and watch your plants come alive! -$2.00 OFF. Quality is great! If I ever need another grow light, I'll be buying another one of these. Upgrade your grow light fixtures and grow better, stronger plants with the Feit Electric T48/GROW/FS/LEDG2 LED full spectrum grow light bulb. They operate cooler than HPS lamps to guard against leaf burn. Put in my room above my plant shelf and already my Monstera Adonasii is super happy unfurling 3 new leaves which hasn't happened for while because of low light. I have been using it for about a week and my plants seems to be doing great inside now that i have this grow light. Our full spectrum growing bulbs have been used by THOUSANDS of loyal customers for their beautiful indoor plants and seedlings. I bought this grow light bulb and within a few days, my plant started thriving. 10 days after implementing this light my monstera has put out 3 new leaves and my chinese evergreen has put out 2 new ones. I’ve had other grow lights but they didn’t work as well since my succulents still had some stretching. what’s awesome about it so far is that this bulb comes in three different colors (pure white, warm white and violet) to suit your preference. I have noticed considerable growth in the plants that are close to this light compared to a cheaper bulb. My plants love it. I’m not a fan of those purple grow lights. Miracle LED Commercial Hydroponic Ultra Grow Lite - Replaces up to 150W - Daylight White Full Spectrum LED Indoor Plant Growing Light Bulb for DIY Horticulture & Indoor Gardening (605188) 4.1 … Boosts Energy, Mood & Performance. Fits in the socket well, the light is brighter than others we've had. SANSI 15W LED Grow Light Bulb, Daylight White Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, LED Plant Light Bulbs for Indoor Garden Houseplants, Commercial Hydroponic Horticulture, E26 A21 120V 4.7 … 16-Watt Equivalent PAR38 Medium E26 Base Indoor and Outdoor Full Spectrum Plant Grow LED Light Bulb (1-Bulb) Feit Electric LED grow lights provide the Feit Electric LED grow lights provide the lighting essential for healthy plant growth while producing considerably less heat and using less energy than standard incandescent grow lights. This bulb immediately corrected the problem. They keep my houseplants happy all year. Great product. The bulb puts out a perfect amount of light for 5 to 6 plants underneath it. Hopefully my house plants love it as much as I do. These full-spectrum LED grow light bulbs are made by SANSI, a leading LED light company. I bought this light after buying a monstera and realizing that it needed more light than my north facing window could give it. My plants love it already! It can be used in a clamp light for use anywhere. My cuttings and high-light plants love this thing, and if I find myself needing another bulb it will definitely be a Haus. I bought two different types and this one is by far better quality! Bulbs fit well in a 8.5" clamp light, works well with timers not hot at all, little warm but nothing that will burn the plants. surprisingly this light covers more than you might expect given its size. We've also worked with hundreds of high profile plant influencers who swear by Haus Bright. Our goal was to start our garden seeds inside and so far, the seedlings are doing well under the light. Works well. Now that seed starting is complete I use the light at my desk. I just set it up a few days ago but I think my baby plants are already loving it..they look happy so far with their new lighting...will see what else it can do for the next days to come.Delivery was fast as well.Will definitely order again. also, it is conveniently a screw-on bulb for any lamp or fixture that will support 100W. Accelerate indoor plant growth with energy-efficient Feit Electric LED Grow Light Bulb and fixtures. It emits more light in the useful 450nm blue and 655 nm red spectrum than regular white LED bulb. Perfect for growing my cattleya orchids indoors, and I like how it doesn't get hot to touch. As my garden increases, I will get more. We had a little trouble getting the bulb to turn on at first and had to adjust how it screwed into the socket. For example, the average lifespan of an HPS bulb … NorbSMILE Full-Spectrum “Sunlike” Premium A19 LED Light Bulb. I use this for my house plants and it works great! , Im hoping these won't. There is no need to use lamp shade. If you are using a hanging or light fixture set up these lights will work for you. Terms and conditions apply, You won't get this kind of extra value from any other full spectrum grow bulb! I would recommend for plant lover. Quick delivery, and the perfect light source for my little indoor garden for our long and dark Alaskan winter! I love my grow light! My plants have been thriving with the help of these. A must have for anyone with a lot of houseplants and not enough window space. I use them to grow tomatoes indoors and they are flowering well since I installed the light. I think if the bulb design included some red LEDs along with the blue, then the light spectrum would be even stronger. Right now I am running it 24hours non stop for 2 weeks to test, and so far so good! High quality product. Using to supplement light for indoor plants so not sure it’s effectiveness but so far so good. It started to die because of no natural sunlight. Very bright, definitely not a light to sit near. Did come in nicely packaged but somehow still had a few minor bends to the heatsink fin tips.

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