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Although many players gravitate toward the Pro Staff for its higher weight, not all players can comfortably swing the heaviest models. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Either the all-black version, which I review here or the one with the white on the sides. For my playtest, I strung the racquet with a full bed of Luxilon ALU Power 1.25 at 52 pounds, which is one of my favorite polyester tennis strings. Review date: August 2016. In many ways, we’re talking about subtle differences, but I felt in tune with the racquet’s consistent response, which added to an overall sense of control I had with it. The response felt lively, yet dampened, so my shots jumped off the strings and felt comfortable on contact. A huge thank you to Wilson for sending me the Pro Staff 97 v13 ahead of its release. We also added a new playtester (Hannah) to bring a fresh perspective. The last generation of the Pro Staff 97 incorporated Countervail into the graphite layup, which resulted in a somewhat muted feel and less feedback. The Pro Staff 97 uses a synthetic grip and a red butt cap with rounded edges, while the RF97 uses a leather grip and a more traditional flat black butt cap. Although the slightly tightened up string bed left me wanting a bit more topspin on groundstrokes, I found it worked well for me on returns offering extra control, especially with a more compact stroke. "Once again, I felt super connected to each shot, and there was loads of feel for shots that required more finesse. The Ultra line is lighter and offers a more generous 100 in² (645 cm²) head size, making it more approachable than the Pro Staff. From a design standpoint, the Pro Staff 97 v13 pays subtle tribute to the Pro Staff Original 6.0 while refining its modern and sleek aesthetic. Although he now has a signature model, Federer has worked closely with Wilson to help evolve and refine the Pro Staff line for the modern game. ", Hannah had some ups and downs when volleying with the Pro Staff 97. The new Wilson Pro Staff 97 V13 Review is here. ", Andy served well throughout the playtest. She raved, "The net was where I enjoyed playing with this racquet the most. Pro Staff 97 w/ Countervail 10:09 vs. Andy: Open level all court player with a semi-western forehand grip and a two-handed backhand. I wanted more mass in the head of the racquet to hit through the ball for power. Even with those specs, you will still get a sleek design, similar to the Wilson Staff Pro RF97. The Pro Staff 97 also has a swingweight of 321 and a balance of 10 pts HL at 31.2 cm unstrung. Keep in mind that the string you choose for the mains will dominate the overall feel. A Wilson racket more often than not looks the part and this aspect certainly impressed our testers with the distinct black and … The Wilson Pro Staff 97 RF gives players plenty of weight behind the ball, and this allows the player to hit the ball heavier and push an opponent further back while the player attack. The most notable difference between the Pro Staff 97 and the RF97 is weight as the Pro Staff 97 is roughly an ounce or 25 grams lighter, making it easier to swing and maneuver while leaving room for personalized weight customization if desired. She offered, "I hit some awesome kick serves with the Pro Staff 97. All in all, it’s a subtle yet refined update to an already great looking tennis racquet and one of my favorite designs. All-new for 2020, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 v13 is a welcome update to this popular frame, one of the game’s control-centric racquets. For some players with arm issues or discomfort, this type of change might be welcome. Wilson updates the Pro Staff 97 with a fresh, sleek cosmetic that will make any player stand out on the tennis court. The Tennis Warehouse playtesters found a lively stringbed and plenty of access to power and spin on both groundstrokes and serves. It was so much easier to swing the Pro Staff 97 fast, and it felt very maneuverable compared to the RF. ", Maneuverability and feel were standout characteristics when it came to returning with the Wilson Pro Staff 97. There was plenty of power and spin available whenever I wanted to take a bigger cut at the ball, yet there was plenty of feel for when I was just trying to place the ball in a good spot on the other side of the net. You’ll also find the racquet has a control-centric 21.5 mm beam. The Pro Staff’s continuous braided graphite and Kevlar construction sits at the foundation of the racquet’s performance and feel, which has been in use since the Pro Staff Original 6.0. Even though Wilson’s new Pro Staff 97 could be seen as the little brother of the beastly Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, it is by no means a lightweight. Pro Staff 95 comes with a 12.6 in. As expected, the TW playtesters found a good blend of power, spin and maneuverability from this update of the Pro Staff 97. He detailed, "The racquet provided easy access to power and spin, allowing me to get flat serves moving through the court well and spin serves jumping and diving off the court. While the Pro Staff gears toward higher-level play, the Wilson Clash is an extremely user-friendly racquet that is ideal for players who desire the utmost comfort. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. I also found some similarities to the Head Graphene XT Prestige Pro racket, but this Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph feels heftier and has a bigger sweetspot and more stability. ", The Wilson Pro Staff 97 helped our playtesters end points at the net with ease. Karly: 4.0 baseline player currently playing with the Prince Textreme Tour 95. Although their studies suggest improvements with this material, many players, including me, recognized a noticeable change in feel. The 2020 Pro Staff 97’s specs and technologies combine for a racquet that’s responsive, yet delivers exceptional control. In 2017, Wilson updated the Pro Staff line and introduced a new technology called Countervail, which the aerospace and cycling industries had successfully implemented. ", Hannah - "The dampened feel of the Pro Staff 97 really reminded me of the modern feel of the Volkl V-Sense 8 300g. Stay tuned for a full review and playtest. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. It’s far lighter and dramatically more flexible than the Pro Staff and offers more generous head sizes for added topspin. With that said, the racquet felt solid and stable at impact, was easy to get into position quickly and performed well when I was just trying to block back a defensive return deep in the court. The Clash is a newer frame from Wilson that offers an innovative approach to materials and construction, which marries the control of a flexible racquet with a stiffer racquet’s power. "I loved the variety I was able to hit with thanks to this racquet's smooth control and spin-friendly string pattern. With strings installed, you’ll find the balance reduces a bit to 7 pts HL at 32cm. The Pro Staff 97LS weighs in at 290g unstrung but with a decent 314 swingweight that should help to give this racket some of the classic Pro Staff feel. Summary. If you’d prefer, you can check out my full video review and playtest of the Pro Staff 97 v13. At the net, the Pro Staff 97 is a solid overall performer. One of the playtesters who also playtested the previous version, Andy, started off by saying, "I felt very comfortable hitting from the baseline with this racquet. She said, "I was able to step in and use the pace from the serves to hit aggressive returns inside the baseline. Below you’ll find timestamps to various sections of the video so that you can quickly jump around or reference a specific part in the future. She said, "I could get the Pro Staff 97 into position quickly and take a good swing, so taking a big crack at the ball was easy to do. Finally, the Pro Staff 97UL or ‘ultralight’ rounds out the Pro Staff lineup for a frame with an entry-level weight. You can also pick up the racquet on Wilson’s website, and they have an excellent demo program you can use to try the racquet before making a decision. I really had to make sure my hands were out in front because the sweetspot wasn't as forgiving on my volleys. Good power and spin potential. The Pro Staff 97 offered me a lot of tools that most racquets don't, with its added power really helping my serves and returns. ", "I really enjoyed hitting volleys during this playtest," continued Andy. The string pattern, which refers to the number of main and cross strings, along with the density or space between each string, directly influences a racquet’s performance – most notably topspin and control. Hannah: Open level player with a semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. All content copyright 2016 Tennis Warehouse. Here is my Wilson Pro Staff 97 Racquet Review. It felt solid and stable, even against big hitters. The racquet has a higher-end weight, but its head light balance retains excellent usability, which is well-suited for intermediate to advanced players with an all-court style that relies on precision and control. Wilson updates the Pro Staff 97 with a fresh, sleek cosmetic that will make any player stand out on the tennis court. As you might expect from a Pro Saff, it’s a lively racquet that can deliver exceptional pace derived through sound technique. I’ll also hit the court to showcase how the Pro Staff 97 v13 performs and share my experience, so you’ll know what to expect from this iconic frame. ", Andy - "The Pro Staff 97 doesn't have quite as much control as I'd like out of a modern player's racquet. The Pro Staff 97 continues the Pro Staff legacy with a distinctively crisp, yet muted, feel thanks to its braided graphite layup. To help make my experience and thoughts on the Pro Staff 97 v13 more concrete, I’ve rated the racquet on a set of criteria players typically find useful when evaluating a frame. In this section, you’ll find my thoughts and experience hitting with the racquet, which I hope helps serve as a useful reference point whether you’re considering this racquet or just curious what it has to offer. ", Karly - "I thought the new Pro Staff 97 and the old Pro Staff 97 were virtually identical. For this model, Wilson removes Countervail, a somewhat controversial material added to the racquet’s layup in 2017. The general heavier weight and exclusive 97 in² (626 cm²) head size of the Pro Staff line makes a statement that targets experienced players who demand a responsive control-oriented racquet. It was plenty maneuverable as well, and it was easy to generate racquet head speed over head. In typical Pro Staff fashion, it left me feeling extremely connected to the ball as it sunk into and subsequently left the stringbed. Even though the feel was pretty crisp there was still plenty of responsiveness to keep me feeling connected to the ball. It swings fast and plays crisp and lively, so players with a history or arm discomfort or injuries will want to proceed with caution. Our playtesters found the Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Black offered excellent spin and maneuverability from the baseline, but at times they struggled with the response off the stringbed.Chris enjoyed the fast feel of the Pro Staff 97 Countervail Black, saying, "I could accelerate it effortlessly through contact to generate spin and pace.

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