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The Cat Man of Aleppo by Karim Shamsi-Basha (Author), Irene Latham (Author), Yuko Shimizu (Illustrator) Ages 4 – 8. Tristan Strong Destroys the World (A Tristan Strong Novel, Book 2) (Tristan Strong, 2) Kwame Mbalia. In this adventure, the friends enter the Maker Maze–a magical makerspace–along with a set of twins who are interested in learning all about the brain. Millicent and John hold these stories in their hearts long after their parents are gone. The Hart family of Portland, Oregon, faces many setbacks after Ryan’s father loses his job, but no matter what, Ryan tries to bring sunshine to her loved ones. No way! Bedtime for Sweet Creatures by Nikki Grimes, illustrated by Elizabeth Zunon Ages (4-8), Earth Hour: A Lights-Out Event for Our Planet by Nanette Heffernan, illustrated by Bao Luu  (Ages 3- 7). With both well-known figures and lesser-known heroes, this book is a celebration of the inspiring innovators who braved uncharted waters to pave the path for future generations. She knows she has what it takes to be the perfect pet owner, and she thinks a dog would be a perfect gift for her upcoming birthday. Jean-Michel was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was the first African American from Alabama to earn that distinction. Brown Baby Lullaby by Tameka Fryer Brown, illustrated by AG Ford (Ages 2 – 6). The majority of these children are non-Mexicans fleeing the systemic violence of Central America’s “Northern Triangle”: Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. A lyrical meditation on the preciousness of one child and the vastness of the universe, this gorgeously illustrated picture book shares the immensity of a parent’s love along with the message that we are all connected to the broader cosmos in important and intimate ways. Nana Akua was raised in Ghana, and, following an old West African tradition, has tribal markings on her face. and letting every boy know that “You are born to be awesome!”, Arcade and the Fiery Metal Tester by Rashad Jennings (Ages 8 – 11). Everything Naomi Loved by Katie Yamasaki, Ian Lendler Ages 6 – 8 Trailblazers: Martin Luther King, Jr.: Fighting for Civil Rights by Christine Platt Ages 8 – 12. Unfortunately, it can also have a big impact on our planet. … American cities―densely packed and built largely of wood―were experiencing horrific fires, and Guastavino had the solution: The soaring interior spaces created by his tiled vaults and domes made buildings sturdier, fireproof, and beautiful. But that was not the end of the story. . Frederick Douglass knew where he was born but not when. Growing up in the late 19th century, Laura Wheeler Waring didn’t see any artists who looked like her. Danbi Leads the School Parade by Anna Kim (Author/Illustrator) Ages 3-7 And it was in this very place that George’s love of nature sprouted into something so much more—his future. A Bowl Full of Peace: A True Story by Caren Stelson, Akira Kusaka (Ages 6-11). There, she fought to be seen and heard and eventually reached the pinnacle of success, landing her iconic role in West Side Story and, finally, winning her groundbreaking Oscar. Kobe Bryant was just an eighteen-year-old high-school basketball player when he decided to enter the National Basketball Association’s draft. Instagram superstar and New York Times-bestselling author of Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes Eva Chen shines a spotlight on 20 amazing women―including Megan Rapinoe, Sonia Sotomayor, J.K. Rowling, Greta Thunberg and more!―in this sassy and fun counting board book, perfect for the youngest of budding feminists. The only way she feels like a butterfly is by acting like one. “I don’t want to be brown!” says a little girl about her skin. [early chapter book, ages 6 and up] ... BEST #OWNVOICES CHILDREN’S BOOKS: My Favorite Diversity Books for Kids Ages 1-12 is a book that I created to highlight books written by authors who share the same marginalized identity as the characters in their books. From the #1 New York Times–bestselling team behind I Am Yoga, I Am Peace, I Am Human, and I Am Love comes a powerful call to action, encouraging readers to raise their voices, extend a hand, and take that one first step to start something beautiful and move toward a better world. Already a Butterfly: A Meditation Story by Julia Alvarez Weybridge VT (Author), Raúl Colón (Illustrator) Ages 5 – 9 A stormy afternoon and an order from Mom to stay inside are no match for this little dreamer, who uses everyday household items—a rocket chair, a cardboard box, an old dish rag, and a super-duper imagination—to whip up a trip around the universe he won’t soon forget. A collection of poetry filled with engaging mini-stories about girls of all kinds: girls who feel happy, sad, scared, powerful; girls who love their bodies and girls who don’t; country girls, city girls; girls who love their mother and girls who wish they had a father. This delicate, green, leaf-shaped bowl which once held their daily meals now holds memories of the past and serves as a vessel of hope, peace, and new traditions for Sachiko and the surviving members of her family. Through lyrical words and stunning illustrations, it soon becomes clear that this brown sugar babe should be proud of the skin she’s in. Do you have this in a printable form as I am hoping to donate them to my children’s school library. Will she be able to make him smile before he goes home? Determined to handle it on her own, Farah comes up with a plan–a plan that involves lying to those closest to her. But this beautiful counting book captures the joy of finding a home and the power of a welcoming community. From the wheels of a bicycle to the robe on Thurgood Marshall’s back, Black surrounds our lives. A modern-day Magic School Bus for chapter book readers! And he loves his life by the sea just as it is: salty and sandy and serene. Reverend F.D. It’s up to Sofia Valdez and the Questioneers to restore democracy! . I found so much great content on her website. Then it’s time for the election! Ethel Payne always had an ear for stories. She never thought her wheelchair could slow her down, but the way the world around her was built made it hard to do even simple things. Julián at the Wedding by Jessica Love Ages 4 – 8 and up Lift as You Climb: The Story of Ella Baker by Patricia Hruby Powell (Author), R. Gregory Christie (Illustrator) The anthology will also include a poem, graphic-novel chapter, and spot illustrations. Captain Swashby loves the sea, his oldest friend. A crime he says he never committed. Back matter includes a letter from the author and Joni’s full discography. This book harnesses that feeling, by collecting together 80 of music’s finest artists to guide young people through the good, bad and sad times. How can she catch chickens with an ankle that’s puffed up like an angry lizard? . American as Paneer Pie by Supriya Kelkar Ages 8 – 12 For repairs? . Brown is athletic. Who will be the next to wear the red shoes? Mindy Kim and the Lunar New Year Parade by Lyla Lee, Dung Ho Ages 6 – 9 Most of the books listed here are recommended either for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary readers since my children fall within those groups and so do the little readers in my core target audience. Rocket, is off to the islands to visit her grandparents. Follow along on their adventure as they try to find their way back to their mom, dad, and little sister, Eliana. . Federico and the Wolf by Rebecca J. Gomez (Author), Elisa Chavarri (Illustrator) Ages 4 – 7 A hopeful and timely picture book about a spirited little girl living in a refugee camp. But when her husband was assassinated, she became the presidential candidate, and went on to restore democracy in the Philippines. This Level 3 I Can Read! Isaiah is now the big man of the house. Ming doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere: she’s not quite American enough at school, not quite Chinese enough at home. Across each continent–from the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China to the Statue of Liberty–one small act reminds all of us of our enormous impact on planet Earth. His picture book, Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut, won four honors at the 2018 American Library Association’s Youth Media Awards, including the Coretta Scott King Author Honor. Time and again, her ships triumphed over the emperor’s ships. But she faced prejudice as both a woman and a Jew, making it difficult to get a job. Then she runs into her drama teacher, who has some big news: their middle school play Yo, Romeo! After all, they will all have to share the responsibility of caring for it. Magnificent Homespun Brown: A Celebration by Samara Cole Doyon (Author), Kaylani Juanita (Illustrator) Ages 5-6 He feeds and pets them to let them know they are loved. But then the real drama starts. Me & Mama by Cozbi A. Cabrera Ages 4 – 8 Carol Olivia Clementine lives with Mama Rose. His identity fit him as snug as his suspenders. $2.99 #2. In his first contemporary teen novel, critically acclaimed author and two-time Edgar Award finalist Lamar Giles spotlights the consequences of societal pressure, confronts toxic masculinity, and explores the complexity of what it means to be a “real man.”, By and By: Charles Albert Tindley, the Father of Gospel Music by Carole Boston Weatherford and Bryan Collier (Ages 4 – 8)

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